9 Deep

9 Deep - Run It Ft Audio Push lyrics

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Turned up you know on my team

Cashed out got a pocket full of cream

Young niggas so you know we don’t care

If you ..for the nines put your fingers on the air

Where the Bad girls at shake it to the clap

Dimes to the front push the lames in the back

Passed out baby I’m throw hundreds

Take your body as a bullet I’m a ..

First you gotta ..

Run it run it run it run it run it

Baby you got run it, run it, run it, run it

Run it run it run it run it run it

Come here girl show me how you run it

Drop it real low and back it up on me

She follow me on Twitter so she already know me

Then i took her to the bed then I bang her like kobe.

Snap back wit the dickies saiggn hella low

Cortezes on my feet looking like a cholo

She on 90 just for the promo

Stay with the 9 like Tony Romo

And her legs in the air like a limbo

Them bro’s got the hit yeah that’s man dough

My game is like a boom sweet Prada

I switch to these girls like i switch to these channels

...know you niggas like my last thing rand off

Crazy shut up teesy i aint the team and nobody ..


...till the girl run that

..watch your .. bout to push up much back

Young .. see me with the sun ..

Will you leave me with your girl

‘cause I’ll leave you ..bakc

We get a crack in my ..

People ..can i buy you a drink

Stop it with the dum questions

It was only suggest unless you told me

I step back and fade it away like ..

End her with the homies ..a couple rodies

Know i’m with the team little fingers to the phonies

Better get your girl ‘cause you’re feelin all lonely

And i bet that she go runnin

We aint’ even had a .. never let her homie

But pack ..she run it first like i ain’t even got a..

I’m super ... hit me on the ..

The temam go runnin


Run it low mama don’t you ever think twice

Beat beat hard shout out to my nigga pipes

My team .. they will never have ..

I got your girl wide up some light ..

..so if we meet the night

I keep the face heels on ..

Out of this world you ain’t ..

Not the son of ..

My bros’ .. and had a try .. none of this ..

..at the funny we all .. make a flight

Like ..be the next ..


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