8BALL AND MJG - You don't want drama lyrics

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(feat. P. Diddy)

[Intro: P. Diddy]

It's Bad Boy South Niggaz, Ball and G

Orange Mound, the moment you been waitin for

Collaboration, c'mon now

Let's go, let's go, let's so, c'mon

[Verse 1: 8 Ball]

Straight from the underground, fat boy from the mound

Spit it how I live it, keep it gutter, that's how we get down

I wanna see you get it crunk, let a nigga know what hood you from

Eveybody wit me drunk as fuck, break it down, then roll it up

Back it up, a girl like you, a nigga like me can't pass it up

Rollin by, lookin good, put it in reverse then back it up

What's the deal, lemme make it clear what you got rite here

They break mold, one of a kind, fat boy witta gold mouth that shine

Hard to touch, sorry to tell you, boys out here ain't hard as us

Ball and G, part of the streets, cuz the streets are a part of us

Lay it down, please remember, games we don't play them now

Disrespect, please remember, stains we gon spray them round


Buss a nigga head, smack a ho, shoot the club up

Buss a nigga head, smack a ho, shoot the club up





You don't want drama, no!

You don't want none, no!

You don't want drama, no!

You don't want none, no!

[Verse 2: MJG]

Get up (get up) Get crunk (get crunk)

Let's race to the trunk (to the trunk)

Get a pump, unload and dump

Fuck it, he chose to jump

In the middle of a fire, scotch and burn him, overheat him

Really mistreat him, let's Rodney King him and over beat him

MJG is the reason yo season needed seasonal spices

They needed more life and lucky yo wife was bleedin

Now your life is leavin yo body, for drinkin too much Bacardi

You should've known when you started

Never fuck with G and E

In any climate I'm shinin, floss, I'm perfect wit timin

I'm good for rippin and rhymin in and out the beat

And 8 Ball is loadin the clip, for niggaz supposin to trip

And you know I'm rollin the whip, we finna set 'em free


[Verse 3: 8 Ball]

8 Ball and G, get it crunk fa sho

My swagger, my flavor, my pimpin, my flow

My ho, my woman, my slacks, my denims

My backstroke in swimmin, in pools wit models in 'em

Them boys, they hate it, we hustle, we made it

We richer, the picture, is two of the greatest


The realest, you bump some Ball and G you gon feel it

Guaranteed, muhfucker, stamp, sign, seal it

[8 Ball]

We placin, the fakest, they don't give it up we gon take it

The realest up in in this niggaz buckin, bitches shakin


They asses, but cash it, might be a habit

Like mics when we grab it, we cock it, we blast it


[Outro: P. Diddy]

So here we go, Bab Boy South

Ball and G, Orange Mound

New York collaboration

You don't want no drama, you don't want none

I see you ATL, let's tear this shit up

C'mon, c'mon...I said let's tear this shit up!

Yeah, Ball and G, Bad Boy South

Let's go, let's work these motherfuckers

Let's get this money niggaz, yeah, as we proceed.

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