8BALL AND MJG - Thank God lyrics

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(feat. Swizz Beatz)

[Swizz Beatz]

Comin hard for ya

We doin this right here man

Givin it back

Alotta thugs in the street,

can't even do this right here man

But you know how we do

Hold it down, get it right, keep it tight

And most of all..

We thank God


For my three sons, for my mom

For waking me up and breathing air into my lungs

For health and wealth and lots of love for myself

The chances in life to take the right steps

I done popped that thang, and I done been popped at

Stole, cheated, and lied

Survived when I could have died

Or somewhere locked up, my niggas locked up

That's why I pray to you, say what I say to you

Thank you for Swizz Beatz, to him you bring the heat

He brought the heat to us, we burn the streets up

Thank you for family and everyone that stuck with us

Gettin it crunk, and layin it down, and gettin to buck with us

Thank you for not lettin material things make me

Thank you for givin me the talent that my peoples see

Thank you for lettin my niggas live after gunplay

Thanks for forgiving me, cuz I don't do this every day


[SB] I thank God!

[EB] For lettin me make it out the club

That night all that fightin and shootin jumped off

[SB] We thank God!

[EB] For lettin me make my money on the block

And get away when it get hot, uh

[SB] We thank God!

[EB] For them babies with them mommas who don't love 'em

and they have to grow up, fast

[SB] We thank God!

[EB] For everything, all them little things

For givin me my dreams, know what I mean?


I thank God for havin a mother and a father

To rely on for guidance when circumstances got harder

I'm a part of a whole race who thank God

For being able to be free and leave the plantation yard

And, I thank God for givin me the understandin to acknowledge him

Notice his footsteps and follow him

I'm walkin today, I'm talkin today

I'm feelin today, but on top of that I'm livin today

And, I thank God because he gave his only child

Would you give your only child? Think about that for awhile

And, I thank God for givin me my baby daughter

A roof over her head, and fresh clean drinkin water

And, I thank God for not being afraid to love

So all the love I give, I get back major love

And, I thank God for givin me all the blessings

To put a little piece of what we all think into this message

[Chorus: w/ MJG instead of Eightball]


For all the times I thought I was in the worst situation

that I could be in

God helped me see in, them cloudy times

Them, "I wanna get rowdy" times

One of them, "They tried to bring the devil out of me" times

I thank God, for keepin my mind solid

And I respect my elders, if or if not they went to college

And, thank you Lord, for makin my bin and I swored

And I'm glad I don't feel like I have to kill to pay the bill


I was blessed to be a story teller, CD seller

My niggas be them shady fellas, chasin yella

Greedy with they eyes beady, lives easy

Dispise those who rise easy, talkin freely

Thank you for them tricks who be, talkin down

Hatin me and think that I don't, get around

The rumors and the talkin all it do is bore me

Trick I done been through a true Holly-wood story

[Chorus: w/ Eightball]

[Eightball talking]

Yea, Eightball, MJG

Swizz Beatz

Know wha'm sayin

Just wanna thank God

Simply, with the talents

That he blessed us with

Thank him, for the good things we celebrate

For the bad things that make us strong


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