8BALL AND MJG - Tell Me Why lyrics

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[24 second instrumental to open]

[8 Ball]


What'chu talkin 'bout, what'chu think you doin?

Why you walkin out, where you think you goin?

You actin like you didn't, you knew what I was doin

3 o'clock in the mornin, you knew where I was goin

Straight to my spot, a loft in the city

Stopped and picked up somethin pretty on the freeway suckin titties

You in the bed sleepin, I said that I was workin

You smile when you see me but inside you was hurtin

The cars and the clothes, whatever that you asked me

I was takin care of you, I thought that you was happy

Out of town, fuckin 'round, all-star, Superbowl

A-T-L, Magic City, tippin big dick hoes

Panties on the back seat, I don't know whose shit that is

Condoms and phone numbers, I don't know whose shit that is

F'real, you know when I realized that I was wrong

When I wrote the words to this song

[Chorus: unnamed singer]

Just tell me why baby, did I ever did I ever did I ever let you go baby

Cause I love you cause I love you cause I really love you so baby

Baby, woo - it's the very last time that I'll let you down

I won't make the same mistakes again


Yeah, since way back I was a mag-a-net for pretty women

And brought up in the city where they exercise their pimpin

I fight temptation daily, I could be in Paris chillin

With somethin young, eager talent, they ready and willin

I get a lot of phone numbers but don't really call 'em

Unless I hit 'em just to let 'em know I'm out here ballin

I know you picture me, laid up with these other women

Most of the time I'm not, occasionally I get 'em

Who was that woman lookin at me up in Wal*Mart

Lock in the sexual fantasy, her drawers hot

But back to the subject, the chemistry I really loved it

Mental, emotional, couldn't put nothin above it

But every unturned stone you had to touch it

Rolled 'em over, look what you found, now you disgusted

But before I leave, look me in my eye

Don't cry, never lie..


[8 Ball]

You and me, full of that, sticky weed and cog-nac

You like how I lick it then, put the dick up in your back

There you go, talkin 'bout, what you know, who done said

that they saw me trickin some-where with one of yo' friends

Did you see me do it NO, do you know that shit fo' sho'

Who you gon' believe me, or them ol' meddlin hoes

Daaaamn, I think of all the shit I put you through

This a lonely game and, sometimes I be missin you


I got a tank of gas to burn up, turn up the radio

Baby hit your girls, go tell 'em c'mon get ready to go

We headed fo', somewhere, tucked in and very low key

No interruptions, no cell phones, no tee-vee

Just you and me, sippin up on some Hennessy

Makin sure that we finish the whole, cup to the end it be

meant to be chemistry between us and even though

you saw the bitches in my Beamer..

[Chorus: to fade]

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