8BALL AND MJG - Not Tonight lyrics

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Close your eyes image just you and I alone

No instigators or player haters in our zone

It's on, we bone like two high school kids

Breathing fast pumpin' hard through the night and then

Watch the sun rise cheefin' on a cigarillo

Urge got your head feeling fluffy like a pillow

You know, what I like ain't no sense in hesitating

Sex for breakfast forget the eggs and the bacon

Leave you shakin', wishing I could be your man

In the park holding hands with the kids in the van

On a sunday eating icecream at the zoo

And everything I do, in someway involves you

I be a crazy man to tell you no if you asked

That don't mean I'm gonna be your trick and spend all my cash

On your ass, but we can chill and do it right

But that husband and wife hype baby not tonight


Living a players life, woah I be everywhere

Meeting all kind of women but ooh I'm playin' too hard to get

We can wine and dine till the morning light

But if you're trying to keep me baby I can do it not tonight


Are you prepared for the creep 5 or sleep by

So ain't no need for you to teach I we each lie

Amoungst the sheets, and curiosity now waht you gone do?

Your clothes recieved by my butler that's providing for you

The luxury of my cottage covered up in the cut

Look ou the window baby lakeside, swans and ducks

Way outta touch with that fast lane

Keepin' it slow not here to critize

The last man brother for fo sho' it's time

You know baby space ain't hard to find

And eventually you gonna want yours like I'm a need mine

Indeed I'm impressed by your charism and charm

Everytime we do our thang you straight deliver the bomb

You got me sprung, sometimes but not I'm shakin' it off

Let's put some slack up in this thang instead of breakin' it off

The chandalears in the atmosphere doin' me nice

But I told you once don't make me tell you twice

Baby read me lips, not tonight



You be all in my mix talkin' bout "I be your fix"

Baby I ain't in the mood for no games and tricks

I got game, but I ain't ever had one like you

I mean one like you that makes me do what I do

But I don't wanna be your man or your confidon

If you don't fake the funk with me baby I won't front

Makin' love to a body in the dark is cool

And it's gone be somebody else if it don't be you


True, laced out in pure silk my mind don't tilt

I got the AC kinda bumpn' cover yourself with this quilt

Now free your mind, time like this is good but understand

I'm a man of plenty thangs and plenty plans

Rather than, your average, sit around do nothing brother

Stuck on having his

Wrong way one way or the other, the vibe was right

Your laid back conversation was tight

So was the candle light the cruise and the flights

But not tonight


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