8BALL AND MJG - Friend or foe? lyrics

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(feat. E-40)

(Anyway, it doesn't matter much how you feel,

you know what you got to do, I'm here to do it,

how about you?)


Our age, five-years-old

we were young bucks

scrubbin' each others backs in the bathtub

Babysitter would send you to bed

but she would make me stay up

so she could give the young playa some viscious head uh

early symptoms of

time of nightway

gigantic factor from the

Caukenis bitch tamer

some had it all though

but less unfortunate

you had an alloy spoke Mongoose

and I had a Huffy

You owned a green machine

three different lunch pails

I had a go-cart that I built from a bunch of used nails

We grew up in the church together nigga

sunday school

Now I heard you off into jackin nigga

that ain't even cool

I used to be conned, racked, fucked around,

and ripped bad

barking up on the wrong tree

talking about runnin up in my past

Niggas have hateful thoughts

but they stop me from strivin

suckas be shakin salt

all in his gameful so find

some fools be gettin crossed

victims of 40-ness

man all that drama you come with

I swear you on some shit

Whether it's morphine or cocaine

Doja or doggfood

they had these marks for Tre and Max

fuckin off my high breakin rules

you got ya P's mixed up

you ain't no pimp

you's a forty

I spit for major mix

while you make tapes for ya homie

and then you work up tha nerve

to speak fair words

The pimp, a traitor, we instigators

that's why I wrote this verse

for every youngster with his mind on his meal

Young playa just chill

and take a look at what these fakers call real


I trust no man,

cuz man will let you down every time

that's why I take it upon myself to thank god in every rhyme

cuz I've seen better times

and I've seen worser days

when some of my so called friends

wasn't around when I ain't have a verse to say

I quench my thirst today

with righteous thoughts of mine

cuz righteous thought of mine will leave mark ass niggas far behind

I seen it every time

they come and go

That's why I drop to my knees

and ask god to distinguish friend from foe

and what do you know

by the time morning comes I can see the light

and then I'm thanking god once again for making everything all right

he made it tight and now I'm back up on the scene

countin' greens

straight from H-town to New Orleans

New human beings puttin it down like a mic or not

replace the slot open up shop

we 'bout to make it hot


with ya devilish doins

because ya devilish doins will only bring forth ya ruin

Friend or foe, you just will never know

Who can you trust, in a world that's oh so cold

playa hatin is everywhere I go

Friend or foe you just will never know


I'm tryin to tell you my nigga to watch cha back

and trust few

Cause ain't no nigga gon watch ya back for you like you

When someone is broke and down and out without no clout it's rough

At least you know who you can and who you cannot trust

see let me explain myself and clear up the point I'm tryin to make

don't want no bustas around me

playa hatin or actin fake

don't ever be wantin nobody to get to close

I don't know if it's effects of

from the marijuana that got me more than trippin

see nowadays tha nigga be rollin' thick with hella loot

but if my loot was gone would I be all alone?

See, my partners who used to ride with me

and smoke that dank, and fuck with hoes

would they be them same niggas if I didn't have shit to roll?

Maybe they will, maybe they won't

who is to say what a nigga will do

who is to say if you help someone it's guaranteed that they'll help you

see what I'm sayin, listen to me and see if you can dig this

Smilin' faces replaces friends when people recieve ends

Now all of a sudden I'm actin funny because my moneys loaned

But there was no drama when I was livin' at my momma's home

But I'm not tellin' a nigga nothin you don't already know

personal business, you got to watch who you friends is

I'm thinking about hard times

freeing my mind

who in the fuck goin be my crutch?

Holdin me up, helpin me out

makin sure that I stay in touch

Where do I sleep, who do I turn to?

When I be low on my cash

who am I down with when fifty niggas be talkin bout kickin my ass?

Who is my friends who is my foes?

Who do I ask, when I want to know

somethin about somethin but I don't know nothin

my ignorance be keepin me out in the cold

Who do I call when I'm in need of a ride?

in somebody elses car

How do I get from point A to B if B is just to far?

Where can I get a loan, where can I use the phone?

Who's goin to give me the permission to make a decision

to come up in they house and live

when will I drive a BMer takin my clothes to the cleaner

How can I know

will I forever be payin my dues, will I forever be singing the blues?

Where will I find a shoulder when I be wantin to lean

know what I mean?

when I be needin some justification

stuck in the fuckin same location

who is the friend that is helpin me?

who is the busta thats hurtin me?

who can I trust?

will you be there when the goin is tough?

Will I be hangin with dick in the dust?

Who wanna share my load when it's too heavy to carry?

or will I go crazy pullin the load alone?

constantly gettin my hustle on

when will I finally see, kinda suspect

or even actually know

Who is my real friend thick and the thin?

and who in the fuck is the foe?

Friend or foe, you just will never know

Who can you trust, in a world that's oh so cold

playa hatin is everywhere I go

Friend or foe you just will never know..

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