8BALL AND MJG - Buck Bounce lyrics

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(feat. DJ Quik)


Whats the deal

Whats up with a nigga, Eightball up in dis here

Fa real

Historic hits, nigga like Ali's fist

Rock the world

Get freaked by a different bunch hot little girls

Speed it up, and let a real niggas see what ya got lil' girl

Got lil' doe, got something to blow

You wanna get like that, gimme head in the Benz

I love a chick that suck dick like that

Dirty, Southern gritty

Bouncin' through yo' city

2000 Rocketship sittin' on some chrome 20's

Choppin', collar poppin', platinum droppin'

Space Age 4 Eva means that we will not be stoppin' (Yea Yea)

Eightball, MJG, DJ Quik collaboration across the nation

Hittin' licks, shawty me and my niggas so official with it

Poetic pimpin', ain't no playin' when we step up in it

Like this, go all out nigga don't be scared to bust

Futuristic, what you need to do is catch up with us

[Chorus x2: Eightball]

Bounce, Bounce

Man get up on you feet and help me get it

Crunk, Crunk

Everybody up in here let me see ya

Bounce, Bounce

If a nigga trippin we gone make them heaters

Buck, Buck

Dime pieces let me see you make that ass


I'm a killer with the mic

Before I get buck with the gun

1-9-7-2 was the birth

Tell a nigga was the worst

You can't fuck with the one

Nigga take ya foot out ya mouth

Get ya ass off the couch

MJG bringin the heat when Quik droppin' this beat

I know that ya'll can rap, but I'ma rock this beat

Breakin 'em off with dope seeds

The nigga with the most of dis

Coast to coast to hit

Roll the shit, Broke the shit

Kept somkin'

Then put it down on tape again

I got a fifth of Hen

Fifth of Gin

A fifth for now

And a fifth for then

Takin my time

Take it down shot for shot

You ain't got Con-gac it's not the spine

I got a stack of hoes

Matter a fact a nigga smackin' hoes

Straight up mack them hoes

If you a platinum hoe, You gotta keep workin' the bitch

Don't stop and relax them hoes

A lot of niggas be claimin' to pimp

And a whole lot of pimpin' what a nigga be talkin' about

But when a bitch tell a nigga to spend some money

The mothafuckas still be walkin 'em out

Takin 'em home, givin 'em cheese, beggin 'em please

Talkin' about he'll take my ki's, big trick

See I was born to pimp for this shit

MJG equipped for this shit

Ain't no niggas in here found time

Fake ass niggas is scared of my rhyme

Pimp tight, break a bitch quick

Futuristic niggas take shit

[Chorus x2]

[DJ Quik]

P-I-M-P unified, MJG and Q gone try

See me gettin' down with Ball in the lopes with a bomb full of smoke

Rappin' niggas ain't no joke

So me to the front of the boards

With an MP and piano chords

Gettin' back to my evil ways

Lick him 3 times, he gone pay

Sidetrack, forgot your point

It's a 10 to 4 bet that you ain't gonna forget that

Get your peeps up off my cheese

Put your money in the pot, go squeeze

See the bright red dice just die

Shoot a whole meal, I might just try

18 thou with the jewelery on the floor

When I hit a lick don't flex no more

Gamblin', scramblin' tryin' to get up out the hood

Nothin' but scavengers and the bettin' ain't good

Show me where it's sunny at, where it's funny at

Hoes with the polished toes, I'm a money cat

Tip toe blow walkin' on a rift raft

Put that shit back in ya pocket I don't sniff that

I'm lookin for the bud, and the brew

and some X with a broad with some thug in her jewels

(Got Sex) 6 uniforms all on my back

I was gone chill to, they didn't peep that

Had to be something else to make them irate

Give a nigga a minute let me clean the slate

No, I ain't have sex with ya wife

No, I ain't make threats on ya life

Bitch, help me get my mind off this shit with an ounce

I don't wanna see, I wanna feel you

[Chorus x2]

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