8BALL AND MJG - Alwayz lyrics

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[Eightball talking]

Ay dawg, check this out (uh)

Peep this..

I met this lil' chick the other day (yea)

Talkin 'bout some super stout

Super stout, she put it on ya boy

Yea I promise ya, she put it on ya boy


It all started in the mall

She said "Hey, ain't you Eightball?"

I said "I'll be whoever you want me to be"

She was fine like a supermodel, Naomi

Out to the truck me and this ho bounced

Thirty minutes later we was on my couch

Remy, X.O. and green sticky weed

She hit it like a pro, didn't choke, didn't heave

We talked for a minute, you know how shit go

Two people get close and they jump off bro

I kissed her on the back of the neck, she got wild

Beggin me to hit it doggie style

Long story short, shorty got that fire

If I tricked off, I'd trick it on her

She said she got a man, but he ain't shit

He give her everythang but love and good dick

Time went on, we kept in contact right

But never really hooked up, and never got tight

I wish I coulda got with her one more time

Then maybe, I woulda never wrote this rhyme

[Hook x2: Eightball]

She's always on my mind - I wanna be with her

She's always on my mind - But I can't be with her

She's always on my mind - I wanna be with her

She's always on my mind - But I can't be with her


She was 5'6, redbone and lye chick

Ain't no way she could disguise it

When her eyes hit, my eyes, it was a trance in it

Only thang that I was thinkin was in her pants

She was holdin my wood with a tight fist

I whispered, into her ear "I know you like this"

She said "I'm ridin wit'chu" Damn right bitch!

I'm a pimp and I ain't got all night shit

I got a reserve ticket for a ho wanna kick it

Get down lick it, cuz I'm feelin you down wit it

She was certified, equipped with pussy grip

I ain't buyin a bitch a room, I'll fuck her off in my whip

Feel my rib-tipped, that triple bit Trojan

Fo' den hunnie, it's up in ho land

Up to the windowsill, knockin it off

Then I stuck it in your grill, I'll beat it up

Seein as how you, treated me - Knowin that I was pimpin

Before I understood what it meant, I broke women

MJG, breakin 'em in - mentally and physically

Mind, body, and money - shimmy shimmy

[Chorus x2]


She was always right there, on the tip of my mind

Makin me look at other women blind

Every motherfuckin time I find myself lookin for a phone number

I'm gone, I'm alone, I want that women

When I see her, I'ma let her know how I feel about her

Be a pimp tight, real nigga with skills outta town

Lookin for the one that got me hypnotized

Hips and thighs, glimpsin eyes, trippin now

Go'on the same, ready to knock it off friend

When she admit it's time, I'm lock it in

Head straight to the hood, and snatch a six-pack

Tell the folks that I'm with, that I'ma get back

I think her name was uhh.. shit I can't remember

But I know she was a cute, lil', stout tender

Ready to put it down, whether rain or shine

She always, always, always..

[Chorus x4]

[MJG whispering x4]

She's always on my mind.. always on my mind

She's always on my mind.. always on my mind

[music fades out]

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