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8Ball & MJG - Pimpin' Don't Fail Me Now lyrics

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Pimpin' don't fail me now

I gotta turn these bitches out

Say they don't want nobody else

But me and only me

Pimpin' don't fail me now

I gotta turn these bitches out

Say they don't want nobody else

I gotta turn these bitches ooouuuttt

I'm about to turn you inside out

I'm about to look into your heart, through your mouth with my dick-o-scope

Been around the world, but you still can't picture no

Nigga like me, Pimp tight, the original... MJG

I'm the one who told a girl to find a trick nigga she can run to

Cry wit, hit the mall, buy shit, hate you

Thinkin' ima do it

You gonna really make me hate you

Prove sumthin, go out there and get it

Bring it back to me

Until then, you running yo mouth

You'se an act to me

You emotional bitches prolly can't stand me

But in the end, who the motherfuckin' man be?

(Uh huh)

Is you somethin' like a balla, somethin' like a pimp?

(Uh huh)

It ain't no halfways, bitch I'm him

Been spending my last package, I'm done for the day

As soon as i'm done countin' up my ones, we can play

Don't know if you ever rolled with a G like this

Need you to be my other eyes when you in my shit

When you start actin' like a bitch, ima scream at...

But it ain't the situation here cuz I ain't seen that

My background messed up, I ain't a clean cat

But I fucks with you shorty, I really mean that

Holla at the homie if you ready to change

Your lifestyle

Cuz i'm livin in a differ-ent game (Off top)

I spit flows

Like a pimp pimps hoes

32 o's and ain't none for my nose

The pinky and the wrist and the neck stay froze

The chest keep comin and i'm livin on a roll

I meet a bunch of women (Ya)

I meet a bunch of hoes (Ya)

I gotta bunch of friends (Ya)

I gotta bunch of foes (Ya)

Good nigga, hood nigga

Walk and talk real slow

Outside fat black, but the inside glow

Shorty don't choose

She the one gon' lose

Good girls beware, Fat Boy bad news

Cars and cribs and clothes and jewels

Mama say she love Big Boy, this one here for you (O!)

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