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Skyzoo - Black Hero Music (Superman Freestyle) Lyrics

My uniform starter … cape is always my little brother
I can’t do that gate like no similar others
My brother 22 if that line went over you
You open up the trunk and you find where I throw the …
I’m probably known to you, he’s 99% better
And neck in neck with the … you cover
But it’s whatever, whatever should have been said or be said
When they start saying why they said is overwhep with the best..
But hey, we good though, long as my hood know
And my hood in the loop like the park with the hooks go
The heart of a crook go, I see the … I do it for the … like …
All I need is a charge, and a land to be yours
But until it, I play the bullets that will race to your car
Until it, I say to pull it if you’re breaking their heart
And then you’re playing dodge,
Trying to get a win, you dodge,
Double meaning, one … wanna be it, for the loco
And know you’re the nothing to come between it
On a load … I hand them the real, and call it real
For the doyo, the planet derail,
I’m on my … need us, we right there
Pronto with it, I mean we ride for that ride
Play the Bronco with it
Tell him spell it backwards and give us … digits and … to bring us mambo chicken
Dc, warrup? Howard home comers, dope jumping
Flow feel like you’re dough running, no duming
Did it for mine from side to side
I’m the Brooklyn what Penny was for Memphis in 95
We’re walking lyricist lounge, … this is the now
Meaning by tomorrow how they bury us in the ground
Given a grammy here, I see we’re unfamiliar
Shit is a family affair, we deeper than the silvers
I never had the back of my neck gunned to nobody armed
Nobody helped, I ain’t here for nobody’s palms
Word to the critics and the women who tagged them
My life is XL ratings and XL magnums
Hah, and the spears, 2 marguerite shots,
Pardon me but I’ve been, … hard to … I’m at the top
Part of me is for the block, part of me is for the …
All of me is what you got, caught on me like it’s the rock
40 with the flow, I was underneath the block
Door jaded kiss with jesus I just want to be the …
Fast forward to the now, can I … or the scribe or the blushes
Or whatever I should drop
Motherfuckers can’t touch them, you oven me in the burners
While they calling me the top 3 the Brooklyn words is like Big Jay or S jay
I give away the left lane
Anyone feeling different tell them press play
Great debater, took 30 days to come up with Shawn Price and it sound like you mad and sky love it
Fuck it, penny series, the first time did it
All … was resurrected when I word my …
I’m just honestly approaching …so you could go and get them .. fuck it
Penny series, black hero music, week 3, haha.

Thanks to Andrei

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