Steven Neal Wagner - Driveways Lyrics

Driveways by Steven Neal Wagner

Danny came home with a degree
And settled back in his old room
And I had a job on the 10th floor
Here in the town of my youth
And everyone else that I'd ever known
Had found a good reason to move
So when danny called up and said
How 'bout a beer well
I had nothing better to do

10 years ago we were in school
I was a friend of a friend
Chemistry books under his arms
And lord of the flies in my hands
We weren't jocks but we weren't nerds
We were somewhere in between
We weren't stars no we were just extras
In our little high school scene

Some friends are roads that take you onwards
Some friends are highways that bring you home
Then there are those who are the driveways

Get you out the door on fridays
That you would have spent alone

He'd get me at 8:00
And we'd head to this place
Out where the road turned to dirt
He'd have that beer then he'd dsappear
Hot on the trail of a skirt
He wasn't that brave but the one thing that saved him
Was knowing a more frightened man
So I'd save his place I'd tell him go get her ace
Then I would clap for the band


An offer came through and danny agreed
And they flew him off to hawaii
I knew that he left but I overslept
And I never called to say goodbye
And I went to work and I went to bed
And nothin' seemed different at all
So isn't it strange that of all things
I would choose this to recall

Yeah you would have spent alone

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