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Ace Hood - Deep Cover Freestyle Lyrics

Ok now, fly me a nigger with the pistol by his waistline
True breeze 9 shots trying take mine
I hop about it … into day time
I wear the nigger booty bitches see the waistline
I got my swimming shoes in case she thinking play time
Pussy good fuck her good …
Fuck her nigger keep the riddle … Armageddon
I mean it’s Armageddon nigger better call the reverend
Cause any beat I ever meat I guarantee I eat it
The youngest hottest nigger speaking must I go repeated
Hop on the beat and I mistreat her leave a little seamen
I fuck it up and leave it, come and meet the beast demon
I’m shopping for my competition like I’m up in Nimus
Never mind these bitches I give them nothing but hard penis
Then you be dreaming, I say I love them but never mean it
I’m such a hooligan move it doing and knew this
I had to do it, my flow was such a manure
Diamonds keeping me cooler the muler come out of cuba
See … of my computer … hit by a tutor
…she said she worshiping Buddha
…she was cuter
Hah, you such a looser, the ruger at your …
This stain my shirt ruin, hah, yeah
See I’m a … with a dumb flow
… you wanna be me hah? That’s a no go
I’m a million dollar crib you’re a roach mo
Tel hell and the … got the cold glow
… and they want more…but she won’t go

Black nigger with a black 9,
Same 50 black sway with the alpine
20 grand … child time
… trying to count me, …
Hottest nigger you can see that shit with one eye
… only reason y’all hot cause it’s summer time
Everybody wanna bash on the dip in
… and all you niggers that doubt it, how was your weekend?
My 50 case strong that’s a great win
Home chilling hit the dealer with a new benz
… imagine me back then
… go bananas on the beat, I’m a go-rilla
… call yourself a dope dealer
Mister hood nigger, yeah, hey, hey.

Thanks to Andrei

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