I Got You On Tape - Run From The Rain Lyrics

now it comes and it goes and it feels like you know that i've already made you my friend
given the chance with the shake of a hand comes a question before we begin
will you be there when i'm gasping for air and my breath is the last of its kind
when it's all that i have and my years are the ones left behind?

practically yours i am changing my course as we talk of what's out of our reach
we don't pay to feel and the water is free so we're leaving our clothes out to bleach
just for a while with a tear and smile can i make this my home and my crib
craving to kill as i give you a kiss on your lip

everybody will run from the rain
they'll be shouting again and again
cause we know what we heard we demand
that at least you explain'
we will say what we know to be right
at the end of the day comes the night
when the dreams that we have are fulfilled
we'll be happy inside'

bloody the war that kept you from my door we both know we don't want it to last
i came from above and from russia with love with a prayer for present and past
taking the time to find my peace of mind while the flocks come together and cry
so many people have died but we are still alive

everybody will run from the rain ..

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