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Singled Out - Through These Eyes Lyrics

The creatures that know us,
The things we don't speak of,
When we open our mind,
Close our eyes and slowly drift away.

The streets are all broken,
Cracked buildings expose their insides, but just for tonight,
Slowly giving us secrets they hide.

Here I lay,
So unaware,
Things on the outside,
Of my mind.

A wreckage of wonder,
Destructions take over,
The ghosts that remain forever ingrained,
On the sidewalk which you lay your head.

And I, I hide,
In my dreams,
So far from everything.

Here I lay,
So unaware,
Of things going on outside,
Of my mind.

This is just another way for me,
To hide to inside my dreams,
So you won't see me again.

Here I lay,
So unaware,
Of anything outside,
Of my mind.

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