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Mary-Jess - Are You The Way Home? Lyrics

Carry me to half the world away
Hold me in your mind's eye
Bathe me in your smile 'til I awake
Brush your lips across mine

You're gone & I'm so alone
Love is when you're near

It's in the way you make me feel heaven
Are You The Way Home?
It's in the way that you bring the sunshine
Are You The Way Home?
Nothing is real to me
Changing all I believe
Ni Shi Wo De Jia
Nothing is as it seems
Feels like it's always been
Ni Shi Wo De Jia

Stealing me away from all I've been
Helpless to your breathing
Paint me with your touch 'til I become
The colour of this feeling

You're gone & I can't be still
Love is when you're here



Thanks to ZephyrSounds for correcting these lyrics

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