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Ace Hood - Broward Gang (Freestyle) Lyrics

Seen me from a mile away, go to beast again
Murder beasts in that bitch.. preacher man!
Going once, going twice, ain’t nobody real,
They say my current flow is sick, Mississippi river!
Bitch I’m colder than below zero in December,
Used to be a hard time, that’s how I remember
Getting money, Mr. Millionaire…
Hear the phone, she won’t answer, and nobody ever!
…I got my twenty gran I …
…. I keep that pistol tuckled, fuck it with it!
Nice shots, I give you…
Hip hop, chessed out, show me my…
Mr. Hood, nigger…
Got my CD on my shoulder like the..
The price is on your head ain’t saying your name!
Fuck you niggers talking, fuck you nigger mad,
Me I’m thinking I should have…
Big money, I’m talking seven figures,
But my bill is like that nigger…
Don’t deal it with a dope flow,
Spitting crack I make ‘em.. cut the price low!
My shit is selling, you niggers are jealous,
..Our body bang, you’re such a…
So that’s why I’m shitting on you niggers like a…
Blew a.. I’m bringing…
Hundred chains on my waist …
..now I’m fucking at!
She seen a nigger.. heart attack!
Them dollars signs, that’s a nigger zodiac,
..bitch I’m right here,
..on my sweater made Kashmir!
Staying right, August night,
I’m dope bitch I’m … on the …
You’re looking for the future, I’m here in the South,
I got the game…. no reason to doubt,
I hate talking, just put my.. in your mouth!
Juts put my.. in your mouth!
Young nigger, I’m a fucking fool,
.. I keep a set of tools,
Jumping on that mirror, watch me clear the…
..shut up my nigger, too!
Shut up my nigger, too!
Just know that… is up,
Just know that I will be coming soon,
Just know that I’ll be coming soon!
August 9th, August 9th,
August 9th, August 9th,
August 9th, August 9th,
August 9th, August 9th,
That I’ll be coming soon!

Thanks to madailui

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