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Brian Breach - So I'm Cool Now (Remix) Lyrics

Ok so I’m cool now, how should I begin this
Tall yellow bone chick stretching like a gymnast
This is rap for grown folks 30 years I want to
Suck her pussy fuck her ass only finger I won’t do
I’m on a higher level, Mario
I thought I had a rubber on, sorry hoe
… hoes on a hoe till I plant seeds
You making plans better plan for this plan b
And I can’t see, nothing that I can’t be
Caught up in this rap race, all I see is … cheese
Going to the top, call a nigger hands free
What you think I rap for, to push a fucking …
Nigger fuck that, hit me way your man …
…everywhere, cream in her hair, Panthene
I’m hard to find like an antique
Hit me with a text or leave a message after the damn beep

I got my nikes no, no, I got my pumas on
I’m on some different shit
Not the … that you was on
Fly paper shit is what the cool was on
Gangster magic tip poof now you was gone
Is what they say, they say I am flier
All my chicks suck and bite, vampire
You said you … you is a bad lier
… lyrics … your supplier
Kept it on the side till I had to part take
Never ever play the cripple part, Drake
I spit super dope is what I …
Always come super crisp, is why she … the top
… fresh Louie shades, catch me on my … shit when I rock a stage
Rebel … with my rebel 8 chick
With a back so round she could elevate dick

I love my life and it ain’t some rabble
What I wanna do is to …
To major cash…
Take debating Kim Kardash,
Over the bridge and place your …
…and wait some days for the rain to pass
I told you what to do when Brian hold you up
I know my stuff…
My life’s about the music, but I do things for amusement
Like take your favorite rappers albums out to the back and shoot it
… I shot myself, I’m everybody’s favorite
Your last cd was … now when you rap they call you…
My … your fucking friends I love
… you’re more like … I’m more like jewish folks
For every life you take I’ma come back stronger you should know
… for every single studio …

Thanks to Andrei

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