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Cold Heat - Spanish Guitars Lyrics

(ft. Nico The Beast, Meyhem Lauren, SR & Neta)

Come on, yeah
Let’s go
The foe is unstoppable guns pop it .....
Fools down with the eyes opened ...
With the .. two shot ..rock story
Do not talk ....in the closet from the public
... for b*tches ..the shit .. better do it ..stupid
To be that you face in the ..

Coming up ..in a priest ...
....full when the baseline ..i’m tracks ..sergeant
and you earn I’m burnin Charlie Sheen ..my mental creature ..speaks ..for started
resurrected expected by every human being
...you got soldiers for every nation

..nigga ..call him I see you wild doors .. just amuse it ..the lyrics hip hop ship rock
We end up a couple months ..niggas can’t handle a punch
..can’t keep up on the ..end it up

I strike like a battle .. with the sun rolled all over my ..like a lyrical unstable times ..to any habitat
We make ..my mind I’m wait gone suicide

..after freestyle nuts makes ..might see me
Wait before rap ..my raps ..speakers for five sneakers
But in the street ..that’s my uniform we used to get fresh .plus a lot of drugs confusing them
Outdoors call heat .. you already know ..in the building ..

Thanks to garbo

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