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K. Michelle - My Last/ Tupac Back Lyrics

Hands up in the air, I just want the (I Just want The) baddest bitch in the world
Right here on my lap, ooh na na na na
And I’ma hit this drank up like it’s my last
While you feeling on my booty like it’s yo ass
What you waiting for dude go and throw the cash
I swear I swear I’ma ride it like I never never had it like
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
ooh I swear I’ma get it like, like, like
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
ooh na na na na

All my girls some ghetto girls they asking where the weed at
Where them swishers sweets you know them purple smokers need that
I'm a R&B singer, got a body that’s a banger
Come to my meet and greet bitch so you can meet my middle finger
They wanna know wanna know where my album at
I’m all up on your neck and my shit ain’t even dropped yet
Yeah, Im straight jacket ass crazy
I do not speak human hoe so you cannot phase me
I only visit earth 2 times a year
Why the fuck you hating just be honored that I’m here
This fuckery all around lets me know that my time is here
So stop trying to make everything I say something it’s not
If that’s your favorite and she hot then I can’t take her spot
Cause I’m a vegetarian, hahahaha, say I’m a vegetarian
No beef no beef for me
You shit starters tweet that, you shit starters tweet that...
And when you mention me, don’t forget to mention my booty
She gets lonely, hahaha

Tupac back, Tupac back
The first chick to do this remix y’all to prissy for that
I’m just getting my hands dirty you picture me rolling
Y’all keep trying to block me, kill yourself I ain’t going
They say I’m fucking crazy but I still won’t behave
And I don’t care what you say, middle finger up in your face
I guess they think Tupac back, Tupac back
Swerving in my own lane, you other bitches whack
I’m an rnb king I’m a rnb thug
A lot of chicks scared but they do show me love
Everybody remixing song and they turning hard
Mixtape coming out now you a g, when the fuck did that start
yall same chicks screaming that I’m ghetto
eyes turnes red up pedal to the metal
Mermaid bitch and I live in my own bubble
You don’t do your job then you label me the trouble
I’m the new iraq, you heard my nigga meek
Nigga I fight back, I don’t turn the other cheek
Is it because I signed a deal y’all be thinking I’m weak popped off with a fresh due manicure it’s just the lady in me
Cant’ take that hood up off me, they try to clean me up
But there’s nothing fake about me, and I don’t play it safe
You go hard but bitch I go harder, I'm fresh in this game but face it I ain’t a starter
I’m so drunk right now that I don’t know what I’m saying
Off the head and drunk I still say more than you be saying
…listen to me, listen to me, listen to me, listen to me.

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