BOBBY CREEKWATER - F**ck That Rapper Lyrics

Heard it on the radio, already like that,
I hope you... if you did take the shit right back!
Bought an ordinary rap beat, surrounded by the yes man,
Don’t know who the hell is investing,
I guess this is why I feel like this!

Fuck the rapper that you love so much
He’s not for the people and he’s out of time
Oh, fuck the rapper that make you frown,
With the same old swagger and the same sound!
Oh, oh.. can say...
Tell me... did you hear that...?
Nigger ..could say whatever, ever, oh

I heard it on the Internet, but I refuse to download,
A bunch of fucking grown man living on the download
But you don’t seem to mind,
I feel like I’m a ...but you will see the...
I hate to see these little niggers...
And you’ll be so impressed, that you will get undressed,
...wake up looking a mess
And I ain’t hate I’m just waiting,
A 3000 to get out his ass and start creating! hit up the studio and start exploring
And this shit these niggers be talking...
Sorry I’m not supposed to say that,
I guess... serve bulls hit and I refuse to tip the waiter!
Later for the rejects, and he ain’t got to light me,
But you niggers... or I will put a shoe print on the front of your...
One of my niggers will be behind me...
Ha, ha we just do it..
I do this shit to separate the...
Real niggers vision...
No, I’m not a trapper, just a nigger with a...
To say fuck your favorite rapper!

Thanks to madailui

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