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Snoop Dogg - I Can't Take The Heat Lyrics

Slow down I can't take the heat
Slow down, it's wicked in these streets

Life ain't nothing but a big old twist
A lot of times when I'm smoking, I'm doing that just to reminisce
It's funny, on how shit be
A lot of money, make y'all wanna come get me
But look here, I work hard for all the things I got
And to hang with a niggas just an intricate plot
You smoke my weed, you try to bang my hoes
And talk bad about a nigga, behind closed doors
But look here, dog, a ho once told me loc
Bite the hand that feeds you, and you'll wind up broke
Bitch niggas don't deserve to kick it
With rich niggas, nigga we seven figure niggas
And we bigger than the biggest hip hop, niggas of rap
And when we get to spittin', make sure y'all step back
You with that? cause if you ain't clown
We from the d-o double g, we groupie true and slow down

Ayyo snoop, I used to kick up dope, ride with niggas
Know about the hits, hang with killas
Take the broads down for jailhouse visits
Keep my bed warm with a cutthroat nigga
Have the card parties where the stakes was high
Go shopping, hit the club, and then start come by
I never had a day without no drama
Half the og's age but they call me mama
Had the ganja overstuffed in the hefty bag
Orange peels to kill the smell slanging with my dad
I never thought about my life I swear y'all for real
Until my best friend jill got killed
And then I, dropped to my knees and called on the lord
Please change my ways cause I'm living too hard
And too foul, how I'm gon' raise a child
When I'm out here buck wild?
Damn I had to slow down

Yeah, I slow my roll down to a pimp strut
And started putting all this game on records
For my come up from sun up to sun down
I'm trying to get my money
Haters ain't gon' stop me cause haters can't run me
It's funny when a bitch was livin' foul
Everybody seemed glad but now they mad
Cause I'm flossing, boss ballin' guilt free
And feds can't take shit from me, so slow down

I got niggas, shot niggas, drop niggas for fun
I swap from these shoulders, I don't need no gun
But it's the 90's and niggas don't bump by the end of the round
The clown bound to dump, young chump
You don't wanna get caught up in the mix
Cause I'm a soldier, blasting at the rollers, bitch
We don't, never ever, talk no shit
Unless we back that shit up, nigga you get lit

Slow down I can't take the heat
Slow your roll, tuck your heat and watch the haters
Slow down I can't take the heat
Slow your roll, tuck your heat and watch the haters

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