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R. Kelly - Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 22) Lyrics

[Randolph on speaker:] "Hello Saint you reached Thorndale and Murner, leave yo name and number
We'll get back to ya, and oh yeah God bless"
[Rosie on speaker:] "Randolph I told you to shut the hell up! "
"Murner, this is Rosie, call me back I gotta tell ya sumthin about the pastor"
"Ole big mouth ass woman I shoulda never told yo ass that shit"
"Randolph shut up! "
And now the rumour...
[Gwendolyn:] "Hello, Cathy? "
[Cathy:] "Gwendolyn, how ya doing girl? "
"Have you heard anything about this package? "
"What package girl tell me what'cha talkin bout? "
"Rufus, Rufus your husband the package, I overheard that he got the package"
"Where you hear that from? "
"I ain't try'na say no names but I heard that the... "
[Rosie:] "Yeah that's right the package Murner, I can't believe he got the package Murner"
[Murner:] "Rosie are you sure about this? " "Yep" "Well tell me who told you this"
[Randolph:] "I told her ass"
"Randolph get off the damn line"
"Don't chu tell me to get off the line"
"Just get off the line"
[Sylvester:] "Speak on it"
[Gwendolyn:] "Sylvester? "
"Hey baby, what's good? "
"We gotta talk"
"Baby lemme call you back in ten minutes"
"No Sylvester we gotta talk right now"
"Okay, okay, what's going on? "
"Have you heard about this package? "
"Now Gwendolyn baby I know what'chu thinking that when the drug deal that was just—"
"I'm not talking about that kind of package; I'm talking about the pastor"
"The pastor? "
"Now listen to me... "
[Cathy:] "Sylvester this is Cathy I'm try'na get in touch with'chu
When you get a chance call me back, it's very important, here's my new number"
[Sylvester:] "Gwen baby listen just calm down, I'm on my way... hello"
[Cathy:] "Hello Sylvester"
"Cathy what the hell is going on, and what's up with this rumor I'm hearing about some fucking package? "
"Na, na just calm down, I'm try'na figure it out myself, but I haven't talked to Rufus"
"Yeah, yeah well you better call me as soon as you hear something else" (hangs up phone)
[Officer:] "Chicago Police Department"
[Gwendolyn:] "Hello this is Gwendolyn for Sergeant James"
"Hold on, James you got a Gwendolyn on line 2"
[James:] "Hello? "
"James? "
"Gwen, yesterday you said we were threw"
"Yeah we are, but I think there is something that I outta tell you"
"Yeah what is that? "
"I got a friend named Cathy, who slept with Sylvester, now Cathy got a husband; he's a pastor, now with a guy name Chuck"
"What the fuck? "
[Sylvester:] "Yeah what up Tawn? "
[Tawn:] "Sylvester I heard on the radio about this muhfucking pastor and tombout he got the package"
"I know"
"Man I will bust a cap—"
"Calm yo ass down nigga this is a pastor we talking about and besides nigga you ain't even got no gun
Now call me back" (hangs up phone)
[Lady on phone:] "Dixie (Bridget cries) I said Dixie"
[Bridget cries:] "This is Bridget, and I would like to speak to Big Man"
"Just hold on honey, hell is wrong with her, Big Man! Big Man! Telephone! "
[Big Man:] "Who is it? "
"Some hussy"
"Hello? "
"Big Man"
"Bridget is that you? "
"Yes... I got sumthin to tell you"
"Well... it's hard to explain"
"Bridget talk to me"
"It's hard to explain"
[Pimp Lucus:] "Yeah Bishop Craig I tell a hoe like this 'I don't need'cha bitch I'll let the welfare feed'cha
Ya understand what I'm sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-sa saying
Hold on Pimp got a ph-ph-ph, phone ca-ca-call... hello... hey this bitch... who when and where got what?
The p-p-package, the p-p-package, the p-p-package, the p-p-package... "

[Characters talk in the background as song fades]

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