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Giggs - I'm On One (Freestyle) Lyrics

Drop it baby

Haters when the ..niggas from ..clearin the man on the hood
Creeping through the jungle among the woods
Catch me rolling .. I’ma be ..
Go home sleep out my boots ...
Thinking how I .. was .. for if I could
so I lifted up ..and in bush and ..bush and I came the ..
like I’m ..the push .. be a roller
Big ... woolf these niggas ..indusrty ..f*ck a ..dollar
Nigga stay inside the house ..
They loving the swag said a few ..they be loving the .. coming the ..
they wanna .. calling me back if niggas ..the spy ..to pop shit .. nigga
Hold nigga .. they say I’ll be ..right now ..my hand and you two come part ..
I wish I could when I used to go school .. the ground ..
I’ma rock star .. be ..

Thanks to garbo

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