Hawdwerk & Jansport J - You Ain't Sayin' Nada Lyrics


[Verse 1]

While yall treat the OG's like some babysitta's
We got our whole city lookin like the navy wit' us
Assorted ladies wanna kick it wit' us
runnin up like "oh you even cuter than yo baby pictua's"
Ha, Ha, that part was a lie
To tell the truth i am no mack i hardly try
But if you think that you can rap harder than I,
Then I do strongly advise, asking the last artist that tried
I'm well centered like the black part of your eye
A spectacular design, no need to ask what if's or why's
The beat will shake the whole back part of your ride
So turn around and make sure that your passenger's alright
I'm a force they cant deny... so raise yo fist if you "ret" to ride
All my folks that graduated throw your tassels in the sky
To let 'em know that we too grown to wear our pants against our thighs


I heard there's some niggas talkin bout'em
But all i hear is blah blah, you aint sayin nada
Cause if you really had a problem
Then you know how to find'em, you aint sayin nada
You aint sayin nada
You aint sayin nada
You aint sayin nada
You aint sayin nada

[Verse 2]

I had a dream i bought a chain
And got robbed by 40 glocc for thinkin' it was all a game
But if it's all the same
I'd rather have the wheel of fortune than be in the hall of fame
But exposure never hurt nobody
They mad i got invited to this birthday party
Im goin nuts, lookin like i wanna hurt somebody
She's throwin' up, you shoulda' never given her Bacardi
Couldnt handle like the Bush administration
You wont catch me at a label tryin to push a demonstration
Im too busy turnin composition books into cremations
With our logo on the cover like "look mother we made it"
And its really not creative
When hip-hop was never lost but everyone's sayin they saved it
I really beg to differ and its workin on my patience
They dont know us back at home, but they love us on vacation


[Verse 3]

One night i really caught the feelin'
Jumped off the stage and hit my head against the ceilin'
My noggin started bleedin' but i couldn't help but kill it
I kept on rappin' even though they wanted me to chill its like
Nobody knows my passion, work through anything that happens
Aint no mini-me's or actors, who fill in for me in action
Epitome of active, your stupidity i laugh it off
Knowing that you'll never get to be the main attraction
You aint even a caption you could maybe be a dancer
You're the Amerie of rappers I won't angrily attack ya'
I won't be makin' you a factor, rather make you into Casper
You're a rake against a tractor
And whoever's makin' money you're still payin' to the masta's
So I'd rather spend it all then save a penny for them bastards
So here's a toast to all my future baby mama's
Because when the kids get older i aint payin for they classes, hey

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