Bow Wow - I'm Da Man Lyrics

Ft. Chris Brown

To my ex-girlfriend I’m tired up,
Now I’m with my new bitch, knocking her spine out!
Rolling up more kush …
Popping with a lot of niggers, keep a couple model hos
Whistle! I party hard like Charlie Sheen,
Use different fararies, been driven since i was seventeen.
Cash money, young money, baby!
You already know, I get it popping at your lady!
..right now im killing ‘em, all the hos is feelin ‘em,
Treat em like construction sites, you know that i'm drillin em
Have these rappers sulk as fuck, I swear to God they feeling it
Me and Chris ain’t green hosue, in miami heat
In the club bought the bar out,
Tell em bring the cars out.
Hey Where you’re coming from?
Bow fresh off the movie set
oo ya tHeres another check, Now these haters upset,
Rappers twice my age ain’t done what I’ve done yet!
I ain't even done yet, this is the beginning,
Stepping out that G4, in some brand new linen fresh
Yes, I’m the mother fucking best,
Walking through life with no regrets!
Shit I ain’t tripping, no! you know I be chilling,...
Rico where you buy that shit, dog it got me wiggin
Get my game up, you know what do somethin I dare ya
Rearange your face, now somebody gotta repare it
I’m the best there is… and the best there was like Bret heart.
Raw bite, No bark
My baby count and my bro anthony
Thats whats settin us apart
Heat game, courtside, Me and all my niggas
Keep ‘em out, ears clean
My body guards pull triggas
My paper on giant, your paper on midget
Fuck all my enemies who tend to be kiddin me shit beggin me
Screaming with the hands out, but I don’t get no hand out,
Put me in a room,and watch me stand out!
I’m done talking to these niggers!
I bout go ahead talk to my man breezy

Bbc on my head..fuck nigger act like a grown up,…
Errbody know you jeffin, lil nigga get yo soul up
Nigger say they’re your friends… Bow Wizzle that’s a real nigga,
And I’m about to go in, time to kill niggers!
Yall wanna talk about naked pics
Here to shake my hand, you can shake my dick!
Jewels swang low,and my dick hit the water when I take a piss
I’m talking porno, then I’m outty five thousy
Hit the a I’m blowing like four ohs
Yeah! In the Jacuzzi with four hos!
Gotta mix a new vow with the no doughs!
See, gotta pull it all nighter, paper planes, got em high like a sky diver!
Yeah! And now I’m fucking with ‘em hood niggers,
Red and blue nigger, r&b, so whats good nigger!
I’m out of line! Yeah, yeah!
Cause I should, nigger!
Try to swing, I dare you, I wish you would nigger!
Wow, let me calm down!
All these suckers are mad cause I took they shine now!
I’m at the top dog, ain’t about to climb down
You need to give it up, ain’t about to wind down!

Well they all up in my b i, Chris you know I feel ya
Nowadays so stressed out, cause this business will kill ya!
We gettin real paper, fuck haters, fuck ball, fuck yall
Stand tall, retaliation shit on yall
Chris is the prince of r&b, me im the prince of hip hop
Here we go on tour, that’s more whores!
Countin money when I get bored,
Tatted up like a mufuck swear to God it’s too easy,
ya my neck and wrist freezy, wizzle or just bow weezy
You already know nigga, shout out to the o nigga
You know I’ll be reppin short cuz of depression
Homie ain't no question, give rappers the business
Just put me to test it, wizzle!

Thanks to madailui for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to amber for correcting these lyrics

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