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Yo Gotti - Tupac Back Freestyle Lyrics

Tupac back and we are like the outlaws
Had to call my label tell them i need an out ..
Back to my trust spot fuck it i have been hot
Pussy saying rapper has been with me i think not
I got two twins .. two twins in my free spot
Trouble put .. right back .. tupac back
He never leave cause money .. ride in my hood how about you
Cause haters i have been spot bitches they have been ran
Fuck one pussy niggers i know that they have been fucked
Tupac back fuck it he never leave bitch
I am still on my outlaws and i am still on my dog shit
Still on my drug shit .. don’t wanna shake my hand
Cause you know there is no love bitch
And double Y A nigger with an attitude .. i think i should check the attitude
Tupac back .. got on top of my Lamborghini took off like and astronaut
Fuck it i beg you not own it .. i am talking paper .. you fail or not
Tupac back .. and i remember cutting that bitch .. they get your phone and maybe
.. maybe your face on the ground
Maybe they will empty your pockets and get your bitch for a round
I hit it like Tupac gangsta .. Tupac back

Yo Gotti - Tupac Back Freestyle

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