DJ JS-1 - How We Think Lyrics

(ft. Sabac Red, Sick Jacken & Slaine)

Thinking ... don’t rap don’t die ..
Open up the ..keep it .. if they ask ..wish you can .. for my ..
Smoke my check mate the chicks tryin to get em in the ..
My mind open side on when I put the cocaine
That’s why sound a little strange when my .. spoken
Broken by the .. lost .. time ..
it’s all the game change .. paper work before the names
That¬ís why I¬ím on my solo .. ¬Ďcause the one don¬ít flip is just my new shit
..the crown behind you can still find me
In the present ...

...get yours, I’ma get mine
That’s why ..still riding my rap
you know ..I’ma get mine
rap, hip hop, underground
get yours I’ma get mine,
That’s why ..still riding my rap
you know ..I’ma get mine.

I pay attention in the streets of all fans ...
when ..police ...and the voice and despair ..put the noise in the air
like beside them ...
I’ma post...good go .. before you figure me out I’m long gone
They call me slain ¬Ďcause they ..each story that I¬íve told
Crafted in my fabric .. music what’s happen I’ll catch the movement
Flash in the absolute sense of .. health the youth
That’s what happens when you stop being .. I’ma get mine ..


I’m all about the people that progression ..politics a lot of its
It’ s ironic got a long list of ..pure chaos ..what future is that ..
keep it on control the holes and my shoulds.. in the air in the .. believe in god .. between the seasons and stars
.. now you even breathe .. I speak these f*ck your .. in the ..
My patience ...
I pray for the day will be .. and violence


Thanks to garbo

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