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Coclo - Uh Huh (Shorty Gon Up And Wide) Lyrics

Check It (Uh Huh)
Buddy It (Uh Huh)
Say What? (Yea)
Period's Of (Scores)
And Try That (Again)

Winner Loses, Back From What You Heard
There Are Times You See
Once In A Question, Comes Against From (Your Mind)
Even Honoring You That On Me
Say It (How) (Where) (There It Is)
Try Me Again (Uh Huh) (Uh Huh)
Make Me Go (Uh Huh) Yo (Uh Huh)
Say It Close To My System Of Faith
Gives Me A Good Look To Say (Dat Gon Up And Wide)

Uh Huh..(Uh Huh) Oooo...ya

Its A Opening Of Amazin, And Hopeless
Falling Through The Sky
Has You Go Think About (Me)
More Than You Need (Is That)

Shorty (Uh Huh) (Uh Huh)
Shorty (A Life Time Buddy)
(Uh Huh)

Thanks to Brown Givens

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