Ace Hood - Mr. Hood Lyrics

Now I didn't be so talk about it lay off that
Doubted by my family
Reaching for the favors but nobody giving hands back
Came back anthrax spitting like an automat
This is where it started at, way before that we the best
I was back in Deerfield, giving mama heart attacks
Calling but no answer she just wonder where her son was at
I was in the studio, you was moving working blow
I was thinking bigger shit, they just bought some 24
Me I'm dreaming millionaire, I don't think they hear me though
… with my … what you think … for
Living at my mama house, telling me to watch my mouth
Working with that 9 to 5, hated it without a doubt
Fuck that job and left it there, met with dj …
Couple months I'm out of here
… pioneer, walking with no kind of fear
Pass up on them scholarships, mister … county in the fresh
Remember I am him
And I play the game how I am post
You got my name all on them poster
I ain't posting, I'm just stating facts, ah
And I'm taking over, fuck you loaners
Tell your owner I pulled over like my Rover may have caught a flat
I am fucking back, like your spinal cord
All you lames extinct, too many dinosaurs
Flow is super sick, I'm talking …
Bigger shit in years, talking Jersey shore
Yah, and like a … I remain the same
Gotta let the world know what my fucking name
That's why I hustle like I'm …
And they don't believe me check my protocol …
Keep a bad bitch, louie v frames I just hope you get the picture
Man a nigger starving, marvin ain't no time to bargain
Know you niggers pose a threat, y' all… target
Swinging to the tops, you can call me Tarzan
Walking over lames, they can clearly play the carpet
Hot shit, Austin, murder scene, caution
They don't want it with the king, gladly get abortion
See you niggers talking watching you won't get abortion
Think I'm really slipping though, bullets to your …
Man you niggers super dope, yeah I'm talking …
Ride the beat, no … like I'm in some foreign shit
Ghetto told me murder that, so I went and body this
Rolling like I'm … rim, I deserve a scholarship
This is where I'm at today, you should come and follow him
I be on my … come and see my mother ship
Fuck the game and let it go
There is no more sportsmanship
3 years with that we the best, sorry I don't see the rest
I don't … coming next, you won't see me break a sweat
Better than your … greater than your thoughts can get
It's me I am in the flesh
And this is good as it can get
Man you nigger never pose a threat

Thanks to Andrei

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