Blood On The Dance Floor - G.F.A. Lyrics


It's do or die
and uhhhhh I do
I do it BIG!

verse one:

2 stripes for unity
fight for my people
like I fight for equality
my home battle team THE S.G.T.C.
haters gonna hate but they know
they can't stop me :")
stop and stare
bitch beware
I don't even fucking care
G.F.A. baby that's why I'm standing here
just made plenty stacks going up in my career
like mighty mouse I never had a single fear
turn your lady to my trick
watch her wobble on my dick
If tittays were poke balls
mission gotta catch em all
ignorance is what I hate
Your bitch, I'll educate
tell me how my dick taste
winning like a sweepstakes

verse two:

GFA ya everyday
ya I don't got time to play
mess with me
best believe
I'll put you in your fucking grave
Look me up and down BITCH
Tell me what the fuck you see
A smile
A face
A Spot for the heart
I'm a heartless man
there is a void in me
I'll fake a smile every time
I'll never show a tear
With a GFA on my side
Bitch I'll never show no fear
cruising down the high way
beat banging ear to ear
Burning with my boy Andre
in the u-haul
stand clear!


Oh 0 You can't hate me
No Oh you don't phase me
you need
a better fuckin' attitude
party with my family
got love for my fucking crew
G.F.A. G.F.A.
All day errrreday
G.F.A. G.F.A.
Party like a holiday
You need a better fuckin' attitude
G.F.A. G.F.A.
I don't want your drama dude

Verse three:

I fly so high
they call me unidentified
when they look to the sky
and see my spaceship ride
we accelerate at the rate
you can not see with eyes
made your mom turn tricks
paid to suck dick
then i got your'e bitch
a membership
with a club called "Mile High"
every step you take to me
steppin' on a landmine
i'm about to blow your brain
trigger itching' on my nine
got better things to do with my own time
like boys in my mouth,and titties to sign
I'll giggle while i kill the competition
and all you be trippin'
that smirk on my face aint funny honey
its that GFA i be representin'

verse four: ?

Do you you see
all the looks I get
Look how many fucks I give
Do you you see
all the looks I get
But I'm flying higher than the presidential jet
You mean seaworld by how fucking wet you'll get



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2012-10-11 20:34:29 by anonymous
LOVE IT Jay and Dahvie are so hot i love then my daughter name is going to be Dahvie Jay Jose
2012-10-11 20:32:43 by anonymous
i love this song so much i listen to it all day..BOTDF BxTcH =^.^= P.L.U.R