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BIG SEAN - Cosmic Kev Freestyle Lyrics

Cosmic Kev Freestyle Lyrics

i say, i say oh my god!
i can’t tell what’s a better accessory
i knew watching these chicks standing right next to me
‘cause i rather ..be in my specialty
love … especially
…website..i got them on their knees
like i got my gun high
i’m in the old school i feel like the ..
..thirty floor thirty ..shore
my car.. i feel like i … toes off
i said big ..you spend all night long i spend with a fortune
… i can’t wait too far .. text from my mom,
sayin: me and your grandma proud
deeping the game .. the crowd, teacher told me get a ..
i’ma probably die getting some ..

but i never divide .. that i deserve
i say …..
… i’m a .. but i bet you that you won’t find it .. body
i mean i see .. because .. and i can’t ..
when i wear it.. second ..regret it .. like i realize how much i love
and when .. my knee

i said bi bi
..better leave with the rest ..
and i’m like …
get a million on line and another million dollar there
..telling me how to win, you all try comprehend ..
i just gotta have it
my life is a f*cking movie..who can get it the faster
..the dream
i gotta go get the album
i need some more
i don’t even care

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