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Raekwon - Letter To B.I.G. Lyrics

Yo Big what up baby
I just wanna talk to you brother, Let you know man
I got super love for you, You heard
Just a couple of bars that I wrote
I just wanted to let my presence be felt to you, You know
We love you my nigga, Believe that

Yo Big what's going on good brother
Baby Pa I miss you, I wrote a dart to describe my issues
The rap game is getting too scarce
Besides in New York, The money game is getting to weird
But on another note you Legend, A Father with his brethren
A stepper, A Coogi sweater that's cost effected
Gangstas from the Sty, That's you
They thought we had a beef kid, But I would never violate you
You from a part where I come from too
Just because we rhyme on a dime and had albums that blew
And that beef was a sucker beef, Friendly competition
But filled with crazy love underneath
You my nigga, Yo pardon me, But I'm a be a man about it
A roll up a big fat jar of weed and smoke for your legacy Don
I shook your hand in Cali, We led by gones be by gones
This a song to a fallen hero, Make no mistakes O.G
We Good Fellas, Always Dinero, The movies that you made you slay'd
Rhymes was impeccable, Today you are late Marvin Gaye
Every time I shine I'm thinking, We would've rocked together
One way or another we spank it, Anyway I'm just here for the love purpose
When a thug surface can't nobody judge us, Fuck curse'n
Casting out my love for real, You Don't out, Gangsta'd up
Keep it real baby you the deal
Love your Momma, Love your seeds, This is me
Love Puff, Love Kim, Love Faith, Love D & Cease
I'm a be easy, I just needed to breathe
And let you know I feel you like the P's
Appreciate your status my G, Peace Teflon
To me you the King of the streets, One

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