Texas In July - Cyclops Lyrics

You are lifeless,

and you can't see beyond,

your addiction,

that has you holding on,

to worthless courage,

you were the only one,

that I had faith in,

that I had faith in.

Trust was abandoned,

when you took me for granted.

I know that you're suffering,

although you know it's all your fault,

I tried so hard to rescue you,

but only you can save yourself.

There comes a time when we figure out,

What's right and wrong, you were mistaken.

One-eyed monster you're killing yourself,

you've lost everything and anything,

that you've come across.

Trust was abandoned,

when you took me for granted.

Slowly we sank to nothing together,

I never wanted to be in this place you put me in,

I will never get back,

the time I spent,

trying to make things right again.

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