BIG K.R.I.T. - If I should Die Lyrics

INTRO (Talking)
You can mourn for me baby, life goes on
Try not to cry too much
I'll see you again so...

If I should die from this rap shit
On a plane to a show for the masses
The media will say it's oh so tradgic
A king lost, shed tears for my passin'
Remember I was happy here that's what I'm askin'
When I was with ya, yea, you always kept me laughin
Forgive me for the plans we never made
And I the things I wish I could but I never say
I hope God overlook the days I never prayed
And embrace a sudden lose if I'm never saved
And even though it be far far before my time
I can say I lived life
If I should die

It be far far before my time
I mean far far before my time
But I won't doubt ya
Because I've known ya

If I should die
Mind I never wanted to leave
Let the niggas in the hood throw a party for me
Smoke good, drink good, blow some my way
Don't trip dry your eyes just keep yo faith
And let the hos that I used to know from way before
Kiss me from my head to my toes
Give me some paper and pens
So I can write about the world
The child that I never had and my favorite girl
No legacy on my own but I did what I could
Never liked saying goodbye
But I know that I probably should
Even though It be far before my time
Just know that I'm fine
If I should die


If I should die
Just know that I went out in a blaze
From some hater plotting to kill me
Cause he know that I'm paid
Tell my niggas hold your horses don't kill pimpin'
I forgive him, you should too, let God deal with him
Anytime you see the purpose of mercy
No weapon formed against me on earth shall hurt me
Yeah heavens right in front of my, hoping I'm worthy
All I have is faith, Lord I can't be certain
What my future holds
Or where will I go when I exit this vessel
And these brown eyes close
Even though it be far far before my time
I can say I tried
If I should die


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Thanks to moses187 for correcting these lyrics

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