Corey Hart - Eternally Lyrics

I was driving home
Surrounded by the rain
So mesmerized
I could not explain
Every mile
Traveled in my life
On the dark desert highway

I was all alone
Til the moment I first saw you
How could I have no
Changes crashing through

And when the times are hard
You can count on me
There is no pretender here
Living inside of me
Only the truth can set you free

I will bring you the ocean shores
Just to give you more
I wanna give you more
I will slay every dragon's roar
Like I did before

Gonna love you more

Never tasted love
Until I kissed your mouth
Gentle dove
You lifted me above
All the thieves who conspire in the night
They can never reach my soul
If one day they take
Everything from me
My golden castle
And my silent symphony
These are the words
I will carve in stone

Every time I look in your eyes
I wanna let you know
Just wanna let you know

Can you feel the world is alive
I know we will survive
Love by our side

Oh my baby
I'll love you

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