Lloyd Banks - Misery Lyrics

spendin this cake like i'm hoopin
i'm a basket case
guardin Bank is a long shot with masking tape
this my fuckin year dog
new niggas gonna have to wait
bad bitches and actresses a bachelor faith
my shades 7 my chain dumb my jacket 8
rocks on the peddle, yellow bezel cuz it match the plate
Banks make a move boy, you blockin like Winky Wright
I'll have you on the sink with a wink nigga you blink she pipe...
jeweler got my wrist, ear, and pinky bright
shorty you ain't thinkin how i'm thinkin you ain't thinkin right
picture me, summertime all in chrome
huntin somethin put em down with that killer dome
different women every night but I'm still alone
I don't need that she said fucking up my chillin zone
2 doors and 2s half a 3 shown
get her in the villa and im feelin on her silicon
that girl aint shit he knew you'd probly split a bone
married so she mouths me in the car when the nigga home
wet and wild, groupie love..
countin so much money i done rubbed off a dub print
I'm about a buck pimp, soft leather

Lyrics by Ryan~

Thanks to Ryan~ for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Ryan~ for correcting these lyrics

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