BIG K.R.I.T. - Lions and Lambs Lyrics


Time never waits for no man
Peep it slow hand
Lions is all, we really no lambs
Get money split it up with my brohams.
When you go outside don’t let the door slam
Don’t let the door slam x3
When you go outside

Gracious lord I say a prayer for all of mine
Searching for a fixin in these broken times
I let my anger feed my hunger pain
Plotting With my brother from another mother about running things
Another round table mission
cause rap aint paying off and ain’t no food in the kitchen
So I am gonna get these p's with the elle with the smell that make the smokers go crazy Can you feel me like braille
politikn bout a move or two
so we can put on for the city like they usually do
And all them hos that didn’t call me boo
gon break their backs when they see that boy cruising through
cause they respect it when your clockin major figures
throwing turkeys with the stuffin off of 18 wheelers
watching for the laws with the judges on call
shuck and jivin to get by with this pistol in my drawers


Now who's that peeking in my window
music on crescendo
vibing to the sounds of the endo
playing king kong no nintendo
i cant trust a soul niggas givin up their kin folk
grandmammas mammas and baby mothers
Grandfathers fathers and baby brothers
Get scared find themselves undercover
You knew the consequences of pushing them junkies hubbas
I tell the story how it be
Don’t bring no dirt in mine
Don’t speak on what you see
Always call before you come
You get jammed you don’t know me
Leave that wire at the door
Wash your hands before you eat
Don’t play the game if it ain’t keeps
Be ready for the finals
better practice what you preach
You aint the stand up type then find a seat
your blood is thicker than water but both them things leak


Them tattletales tell the tales of cars and clothes
of playa that pose for cameras and shine for hoes
gleam and glow under strobes of lights in the club
with drinks that dirty and shots that dubs
and people give kisses and hugs to niggas with plugs
minus the sink, not talkin bout tubs
talking about bass, you thinking bout sub
marine maybe
they other other hoes in your boat
the people that tell be people you know
the people that hurt be people you owe
Time, now daddy aint around to hold them down now
for the benz with drawers and rims
instead of breaking even with odds and ends
you doing 5 to 10 on the late night
for swimming in pools with great whites
they smell that dirty money
no last train to london, or paris
life is more then karats and fur coats
on the low that tick tock is worth more


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Thanks to Sam for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to T. Green for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to devin cornelius for correcting these lyrics

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