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Heritage Singers - Can You Reach My Friend Lyrics

I've got a call from an old friend
We've laughed about how we have changed
But I could tell things weren't going as well as he clamed
He tried to hide his feelings
But they've only gave him away
The longer I listen the more I kept wishing
I knew the right words to say


Can you reach my friend
YouÂ’re the only one who care
Lord I know you love him
Make him understand
Can you reach my friend
Bring him safe into an end
Help him give his heart to you

We talked for more than an hour
And I smiled when he mentioned Your name
I said that I knew you and told him the difference You'd make
He never thought he would need You
But maybe he's changing his mind
As we said goodbye

Lord I've told him that I have found something
He'd like to find


Cause maybe he is ready tonight
Lord he said that he'd might
Need to call on You


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