Snoop Dogg - My Own Way Lyrics

Ft. Mr. Porter

Bank accounts big cars
Living good like a movie star
My mama house ain’t in the hood no more
I moved her out …
Is a trip tough cause i am ..
I gotta lay low my homies wanna do low
I got two strikes and i am gonna get my third
These naggers snitching on me they think i am selling birds
So when i am in the streets i am .. on my feet
See talk is cheap so i stay put on my heat
You niggers bad well Dogg is badder
..make you niggers scared
I was once shot your boy want me now
Went to the station that nigger straight point me out
Si i am …at this time i think is best just to stay away


They say i am a fool
Cause i like to do my things my own way
I gotta couple strikes against me
One more and i am on my way
I ain’t got time to ride in the hood like i was used to do
I gotta get my .. keep my .. this money instead

Separate elevate concentrate dominate innovate
Try to be the flighest me and every .. homie tell them, lie to me
I need a deal i need some stones
I need some beats Dogg i need a loan
Help me out throw me some cash
If i got you got it you ain’t got to ask
.. on the real or is it lately a lot of homies
Tried to implicate me
They say i am changed is it the fame
If i throw it to you than charge it to the game
Money .. in the hood another episode
Man i am getting old the gamer cold
I am from … that ain’t ..


Thanks to feel

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