Snoop Dogg - My Fuckin House Lyrics

ft. Young Jeezy & E-40

cause .. slam the mother fucking house
.. front door
.. bitch name Cisqo
She’ll do anything for getting a man
Bitch go
And what the door man need baby
Big blow
.. I got gal all on my finger nail and I can leave the .. finger prints
Chriss … get president.. across the table
I don’t know nigger …
.. what’s her name
She got the greatest look she ain’t got a fucking brain
Love when you are talking numbers how sophisticated
..affiliated getting the .. pass …Gucci .. even the .. got tracks on

Big dog nigger

I have a full house
. house and a flat
And I am on parole bitch
So I need my pistol back
These rap naggers is too salt .. I build this from the ground
Round up until I knock your roof of
New off snoop off.. hit him in the morning
. like you won it my bitch is on the phone
I’m about to zone it
Smack … work it …
Potential strip your …
.. with a rustle
My nigger .. is official
Catch me in the LV
.. nigger won platinum .. bag It up
Rapp it up and sell mine

This is my house in the middle of the trap
Bitch don’t go sweating like .. fucking …
.. they keep coming back .. I got jumble jack
.. all in the .. I got the .. don’t get by
..not from Atlanta but I got …
Exhale passed out hotel ..
Trying to increase my profit quick

Bitches my mother fucking (repeat)

Thanks to feel

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