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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - D.o.a. (Death Of Auto-Tune)(Remix) Lyrics

Na, Na, Na, Na& Hey, Hey, Hey& Good Bye!

Whooo! Cmon, Bone Thug, We gon do it like this, yeah& Kray Jackson&

Remember the killa, the lyrical beast? Im gon murda ya!
Up in you like a hernia.
You suck, Im just confirmin ya, nigga!
If you did it, nigga, then clearly we talkin about you!
Get off the bandwagon
Nigga, quit swingin on dicks and get your brand accurate.
Kray Jack the man, ask em!
Dont need a hand.
Rappin insane with the same average, always above!
Nigga, never no love,
You niggas is artificial, insufficient, not an issue.
Our position is monumental, all your shit was accidental!
Simple, dont be no fool!
Dont be consumed in auto-tune. (Auto-tune!)
Cause its a deadly storm blowin through here soon.
Originators can survive it if they stay true and innovate.
Imitators, fakers, they all die

Yall simply cant all rap and it aint no time to play.
Twenty-four hours a day, thats seven straight!
My killers be rallied up, the scrilla  they tally up.
Like Ballys  I exercise you.
Like Dahmer  I victimize you.
Criticize you for using auto-tune.
Recognize here comes your doom.
Theres no room for the wack. They be givin a black eye to the game.
But theres more than a thousand ways to get em and leave the lames strangled.
Flesh banged on em and I never did let up.
Fandango you hoes!
Opponents they keep their back on the ropes, their faces hit the floor.
Suckers aint nothin but jokes with their vocals made artificially.
Id rather buck em yall exposed, now they gotta get disposed.
My temp is still burning hot, while these phonys, they hardly not!
We can lock on up and then see how hard of a hit you got!

Na, Na, Na, Na& Hey, Hey, Hey& Good Bye!& Bye Bye!& Bye Bye!
Why they want to sound like, dress like, act like? (Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone)
Why they want to look like, dress like, sound like?
(Its the Thuggish Ruggish!) Its the critical, criminal, non-subliminal.
Set it off, let it off, lines is visible.
I battle, I challenge, I rhyme my syllables.
Sound like Bone, thats dispicable.
Ill put you in I.C.U. I see you is not original.

Its pitiful, niggas aint lyrical.
Give me that deal, give me that miracle!
They lackin the talent, they lackin the balance, they lackin the harmony.
These niggas pretenders, no contenders, it aint hard to see.
No authenticity, they wont make history.
They only makin Lil Lay-Lay mad, they going out like they J.J. Fad.
Now how do these stars assume they can use the auto-tune,
Just because the bass go boom I spend my dollars, consume?
But naw, I bring these lames to their doom.
Better wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
We bringin back innovation.
We havin a celebration, cause Flesh-n-Bone is home.
Been ten years strong, thats domination.
Never need no nomination cause homie the streets respect it.
We keepin it epic and never neglect it we get it in on a record.
Im talkin about keepin it classic, they talkin about keepin it plastic.
They puttin the game in a casket. We gonna live on like the Jacksons.
Im sorry Im endin your cycle, I gotta do this for Michael.
You heard from Jay-Z, but nigga this Layzie, its somethin Im willin to die for

Yeah& Come on! Come On! Come On!
Na, Na, Na, Na& Hey, Hey, Hey& Good Bye!

Come here nigga, you know what?&

First off let me take it back to High School.
You niggas teach rules, being in a rented crib.
To this day I dont wear Jordans.
Wasnt the first nigga with them in High School
(?) ass nigga, put that out (Put that out!)
Shine in everybodys category.
Cut that out, (Cut that out!) Flat out! (Flat out!)
Its a damn shame, for spare change, what come out these fraudelent rappers mouth.
Or should I say entertainers, Im complainin.
North, East, West, and South, cut that out.
Til em all Pac and no slouch. (Get it! Get it! Get it!)
If you cant sing, then dont sing!
The realest knew they place and they did it.
We blaze auto-tune so you need to sense this (Bone! Bone! Bone!).
Rest and silent hood living. (lifted?)
They feel me resonate it. Get Bible realest.
Quiet me, (Naw!) Imma stay hood, harmonied out.

Invisible cut the Crucifix, explodes into the galaxy!
Show you niggas how loose I get  No! No fatalities!
Zeus, Im comin to juice the mix. Operation: Totality
Opium flow wherever I go, auto-tune to the Matrixes.
Shot myself in Cali, woke up without no witnesses.
Satan, think she my mistresses.
Mohammad, where my bitches is?
Eves wicked as witches is
Yeah! Nigga this peanuts!
Im T-Pain, back with my Nazarinians and we nuts!
These Palestinians with 3 buck shots!
When Roger Troutman caught his brother back from Hades like Cain  took him out!
Generals say Get out man.
Give me my third eye and Ill pitch it back to the masters.
Like the back of the dollar, but why?
Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!

Na, Na, Na, Na& Hey, Hey, Hey& Good Bye!

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