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David Guetta - Where Dem Girls At Lyrics

[Nicki Minaj's Verse]

Pb-Pb who is Peabo Bryson?
Two years ago I renewed my license.
Anyway why'd I start my verse like that?
You could suck a dick
Or you could suck on a ball sack.
No no I don't endorse that
P-p-pause that a-a-abort that.
Just the other day we were in London saw that
Chasing down the street by paparazzi all that.
Hey-hey what can I say? day-da-da-day na-nay-na-na-nay
Coming through the club
All the girls in the back of me.
This ain't football why the fuck they tryna tackle me?
Really? I peeped dude at the bar like really?
Looking like he want a good time like really?
Said he got a friend for my homegirl Lily Lily Lily

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