Jim Jones - Baggage Claim Lyrics


feels I've been gone for way too long
meet me at the baggage claim i'm phone
wit some shit on the mine to carry on
and I can tell you if she look right
I can tell you if the shit cooked right
and I can tell you what a bedroom look like
every time we are out bitch we're gonna have a good night

and ima just havein a leor vision
hustle in the cold with the hog hidin
try to pitch my hands .. frost bittin
look at this now my wrist and hands frost bittin
we used the bodies like a mortician
get caught don't speak like autism
look dat up
nigga hear the Porsche rippin
Aint race a bike since arty had lost his vision
can't approach life with more precision
at this point I done walked away from four collision
5 rays ducked about 40 shots..in the hood where they smoke dust and murder cops
they say I am rapping like am pissed off
well then u ask'em what a brick cost
he said 30 is the new 20
for the birdies
and that only if u by a few 20's
and im just worried bout this new beny
(how much that cost?) The Dealer Said like 220
over beef u know my sleep i dont lose any
since feather friends with the blue penny's
plastic cups grand cru,henny
on the corners where we shut dice
fuck niggas still talkin beat the deuce
blacks stones but they cook white
and in the moring gotta book flights


and i aint nothing but a harlem nigga
I sell drugs man I never was a robber nigga
we use dat as the last resort
and I blow thru stack at the last resort
south tower nigga pools in the suit
blowin out sour jewels lookin sweet
im on my 25th hour dawg im loosein sleep
graveyard hours tryin scoop a freak
we hit the town like we that shit
and u could call me chris brown cuz i beat yo bitch
and chow down ma eat the dick
she had bad table manners i aint leave her tip
call my connect sidney portya
cuz niggas sever kidney and the raws ya
come up short be and organ donor
it was love at first site when i saw the corner
i heard rev got shot i hope my prays meet'em
until shooters let the fuckin fan eat'em
until these muthafuckin flairs heat'em
until bullets in the fuckin air meet'em
im hopin out the layer to greet'em (Word Word)


Thanks to feel

Thanks to Ransom montana for correcting these lyrics

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