Pharoahe Monch - Assassins Lyrics

Ft. Jean Grae & Royce Da 5'9

(Jean Grae)
Fasten your seat belts for the last to the 3 assassins on earth
the first flash in her purse with the heat stealth*
They Call me Gene McCoy
Used to be employed, deploy the *orrible too audible to stop the actions attracted decoy
after the … I'm passing a life for, he'll deliver it through river *Stix* Hades
I'm gonna deliver it lady, my phone's limited, … and prays
Stay on your toes villains, it's grey and your days winter land
Blistering lives, packing six … back with a six mom tracking thick bitch frame
… on and on,'s my kidney you dick brain I'm just itching the slip vein
stitch mine, ...fuck your life, sick brains, ...nigger kick rocks or kick lines
it's to the pain, nigger with a liver, sipping it, sipping it like a …
...she clever equivalent be none
Our … break a car … with passion, you got the go bastard
to ball with a … the court nasty
the on and gone bastard...on the back of a Kardashian
the wall crashing, all on the … the gas pouring on the corridor racking your door
blacking out, that's Grae backing out the back door, Cackling
still make it back to the bar for last one

(Pharoahe Monch)
They ask me why I'm highly regarded this God body probably
Monch is a mixture of Marcus Garvey, Miles Davis, and Bob Marley: radical
never skateboard sling like 'gnarly', more like we did … on the way to the top like Charles Barkley
You are hardly prepared to spar with a marksman...I'm gambling with the ace of spades, I'm masterin' archery
...Particulary and even … specific a leader fits so when I spit it it's spectacular and accurate
when I attack I'm more Legend than Acura
Flip Bloomberg the bird bitch more blood than Bloodcula
More cryptic than cryptic scriptures encrypted with backwards vernacular but sicker than most like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction I am, that nigga for real
Per capita smacking the next rapper that uses the word swagger hereafter,
these 3 assassins get the ass whipping
prepare for a professional ass-kicking and shape shift spit, hollow-tip clips mainly
Sick ain't he? MIND CONTROL
Make you shoot your best friend in the face: Dick Cheney
My life is like a documentary film depicted in black and white flicks Grainy
I'm in Guantanamo Bay, taking pics in a captain Morgan pose
with my left foot on a pile of detainees screaming "we are renegades, fuck you pay me!"

(Royce da 5'9)
I'll be riding round with a … bullets
motto, I make it pop like my cock in the direct's condom
armor, opposite artists, I find irony and going from being like a stone in the grass
to a rock in the garden
the same ironies going from fully automatic in the backyard
to having the whole machines behind me
I take ...bitches show us some other face
she know my stroke is deadly so she gave me bloody brain
don't try to get familiar if I don't feel you in person
I flip the strip and accidentally kill you on purpose
the baddest ...I got some …splash me when they see me no matter what I'm wearing
you bitch about to open up, sniff some blow off of my dick
guess you can say she on my coconuts
I'm on point like Chris Paw, you on point like the Atlantic city hooker that licks balls
I'm about to flip this bitch like Dominic …
and shut you down like a car when it starts
I am the deadliest rapper, you … like flow, water ...backwards
marshal hit the jack papa slowed it I got, I'm knowing I'm hot
is my show to stop, hold in my clock
my whip cleaner than honest men and honest ends
2 dames with me like I'm a twin, cause I'm a ten.

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