Raekwon - Wu Crime Lyrics

Feat. GZA & Killah Priest

Yo, there's a rumor that I ever made Â… been hiring
A car Â… murder, bodyguard that used to do physical fitness
Is business catching a terrified the witness
And the gym was way games his powers
Boss was the peace rear only to grow flowers
The made man felt good to be made
Turned murderer extremely quick to upgrade
But he's still big pies and it's capable rise
Like his enemies, he watch and take dives
Allies, what retaliate least even the score had 1000 guns they would calibrate
he saw the loss of double cross moving on swiftly if world's a waste
sit shadow war, hard in the veil without the remedy
scars appointed grill of your friends family
workers utilized and brutalized
Â… and crucified, Â… function shut up, the jakes was not a law but damn is the product

Shoot his man the grizzly stands up in the gt clans men
with a sword that will blow up a van
when the peoples come blow right past,
might have been the sound no nothing
they found this all when the trash
barbeque wings blings for my niggers that's true kings
sit up in the crib, catch something to scrub fiends
Yeah, watching me next time scotch me a drink crystal liquor
I'm a version of Â… no wax no Â… just water
a due rag on, I scratch waves same niggers is trash
yo learn how to write beware, I pull up be here
I should have known how to clone see where niggers get hurt
murked, dropped off in new turf
trunk full of Siamese rats and Â…
I do it for the cats and pits and all those bitches with big tits
five hundred shoe game switch, shake that shake I beg
I live in a state that kill niggers over Â…
you might get smacked with a mac 11
or run off the road or shot in McDonald for fronting with fake niggers

Â… vivid wars, street 16, musleims coffees uzis the war supreme
for Â… I break the general worlds above south
cause Â… crime make me grab the Â… off the shelf
the dark hallways amazingly convenient the phoenix with chain
juggly cracks a plane with Â…
the lord of streets gangster crave the beef to feast
...to snakes wanna eat
gaze at this spectacular rapper, niggers is Dracula
wrapped to us, priest the hood ambassador
...for war or massacre
threats that never worry me, part's of my debt
mike ... conspiracy, lyrically I'm only afraid of my old ability
words that shake the nuclear wars, we shooting dwarves
bringing down the mall, I rig around the store
plan this other Â… bandannas on our face
hammers on our waist, cameras out in space
the nickel play fake armor we Â… our snakes.

Thanks to Andrei

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