Izegrim - Deliverance Lyrics

The history of Man has entered a new stage
The zenith of all the wars you ever waged
You incited the biggest mass-extinction
Known to us since the end of the Permian Age

I know your capabilities - it's worst I've seen
Now all that ever was - Will no longer be
One death is a tragedy - A billion a statistic
I'm glad you were not meant to be - when I'm being realistic

Nobody cares if you die

We all have witnessed your decline
You made us all part of your biggest crime
In evolution this offence will be known
As the Cenozoic Genocide

You pay the price of progress - it should've been foreseen
All that ever could - can no longer be
Survivors die of cancer - deformed baby's die at birth
Microbes and single-cells will inherit our barren earth

Isotopes drift further with every gust
Contaminated clouds spread radioactive dust
Gamma rays beaming through the stratosphere
Now meet your maker, your deliverance - is here!

God doesn't care if you die
He will rejoice - And so will I

It's what you wanted - and so it shall be done
Despite the omens - you have never grown beyond
A flaw in evolution - Now cherish your demise
On behalf of all humanity
I apologize

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