Matt-U - be cool Lyrics

Don’t know what you think of me
But what you get is what you see
I am here for one thing
And that’s to be me, be me,
Don’t care what you try to say, and
Don’t care what you try to do
As long as I know one thing
I stay true, stay true
But Im gonna

Get my money up
Get my paper right
Do it real big .. when I feel like
Turn the music up
Get it real hype
Get that wave on
Do it real tight ..
Be cool (repeat)
Just be cool with me

that all i really want, is for you to keep it real with me,thats all i really want in the world, ima tell you right here ,here we go,

he world let me tell you what i want, love respect and peace dont front, ey let me tell you whats the deal be true to yourself and keep it real (repeat) but im gonna!

be cool (repeat three times) just be cool with me
be cool (repeat three times)

get my moneey up get my paper right, do it real big when i feel like turn the music up get it real hype get that wave on do it real tight(repeat)

oh! be cool with me, yeah oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

end of song.

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