BIG K.R.I.T. - Time Machine Lyrics


In my time machine i ride clean
Marinate the scene with my high beams
Candy coated dreams, whenever I lean
Take me forward far, this ain’t just my car
This is my time machine (repeat)
Take me forward far, this ain’t just my car
This is my time machine

Take me way back scar face and ..
Ride with my pop at some store and some grace with
Give me game as we roll down the .. street
Niggers at your .. will be stressing what you can’t be
Don’t be .. don’t believe in what you can’t see
And this is .. don’t be born this i ain’t shit free
You got your family and your friends when you need will leave
There come a time when i’ll be there when you’ll need me
.. when it come to music you will need that
Forever in the cut where you’ll be at
For key forget your anger leave that
Don’t be wasting time
Cause time is all you have
Don’t be chasing whores
.. it’s gonna chase this cage
I can’t say no more .. on your own
I couldn’t understand it .. i am grown


Take me way back feed it with a …
Rushing in the hallway trying to keep these ….
Girls come and go .. they fuck with me
My brother was a player i was favorite off many streets
Learning who’s paying dudes made myself a name
Laughing .. cut the nigger’s name
.. she is a … i got partners …
We play the game even as a …
Told them non-believers i will never changed
.. shit i claim
It’s funny how they fly when they heard …
Take them back in time


Thanks to feel

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