La & Mr. Music - Best Days Lyrics


Those were the best days .. the world
Those were the best days never even knew about girl
Those were the best day no responsibilities
Those were the best days those were the best days

Quit talking about .. watch a nigger job that's was the .. bath
Sunday morning my cartoons I am like
Mama don't you there come up in my room
Had to .. full of cereal
Had to get the toy .. for my sister
Back then I wasn't …what the power rangers are gonna do
Every day is a super row even though we super bowl
Paid the most of what we have gotta .. on my dad
I had to be a man at a .. phase I wish I could go back to those days
Now .. but I gotta say I never did my homework all I did is play play
PlayStation or play outside
I wish I could be a kid for the rest of my life


Those were the best days
All you ever thought about is play with your friend
Those were the best days
It's the time in your life you never want to end
Those were the best days
Girls had .. you won't kick it with them

I remember the school bus how could you forget it?
First day of school when you got a new fit it
Everybody asking you where did you get it
You ain't telling cause you wanna be the only one wear it
When the school was over walking home with your friends
Try to found whatever trouble you can get in
Street lights come on and it's time to go in
Wake up in the morning and do it again..
The one person that you hate was …
Try to .. lunches how you knew about business
Now this .. put you limits on your wishes
Never let a child go blind
Been lost in the darkness so hard to find
Don't forget about the days of your favorite time
Cause you and I are gonna be kids for the rest of our lives


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