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Lloyd Banks - Big Voice Bigger City Lyrics

[Sample: Martin Luther King Jr.]
The Negro masses all over began to re-evaluate themselves.
And the Negro came to feel that he was somebody...
His religion revealed to him that God loved all of his children!

[Verse 1:]
Uhh! - I pray to him - jealous cause he watchin' over them,
I don't pretend! - Wishin' they lose, hopin' I win!
Took my fitted cause I'm driving with no top. (yeah!)
Hotter than a muhfucker ridin' with my Glock!
Knock-knock, who is it? - A hollow tip vist!
You talk it if you live it - if not get delivered!
Niggas hearts goin' frigid. - There's no remorse,
Nigga! - I'd be the last one to give it, hit your ass off you pivot! (uhh!)
Then you pass on the syrup - and welcome the chronic!
They wondering where the real rap; well I'm helpin' 'em find it;
Blinded! (blinded!) - Criminal minded - impoverty binded
Honey! - Just to be where I come from - rewind it your dumb son!
Stuck on slow! - sit they'll you to sleep!
These muhfuckers know the walls is playin' for keeps. (uhh!)
The wounded lay on the street; the goons is playin' for keeps, (uh!)
Be rude to say it at least! - We wanna piece, nigga! (piece nigga!)

You ain't gotta like me but you feel me,
If you ridin' with that milli'! (milli'!)
Big voice, bigger city...
You silly if you lookin' round for pitty,
But we grimey and gritty. (gritty!)
Big voice, bigger city...
Stuntin' so these niggas wann' kill me
Ain't a damn thing pretty! (pretty!)
Big voice, bigger city...
You ain't gotta like me but you hear me,
Dead broke or big willie! (big willie!)
Big voice, bigger city...

[Verse 2:]
Money don't make it easy! - Money make it hard! (hard!)
Get smart you can get it - but it don't make you smarter!
The music stop movin', I'm a make them love a car or (car or!)
On contrary to whatever you heard I am harder! (yeah!)
Lyrically vulvar! - Metaphoric father!
Headin' for the dust so I'm an incredible rider.
An a bit of lasange, meet Britney and Tanya, (Tanya!)
No breakfast in bed - just the Ganja! (wooo!)
I kinda miss the days, when we honored honor!
Loyalty cause karma can be a baby mama! (a bitch!)
I been a G since I needed maybe longer, (top!)
Ain't no pictures of me, I bring you the drama,
Llama on your bottom dollar no pain no holla! (YEAH!)
Leave the scene no cops, no collar!
I'm a beast! - The sickest shit spittin on the East. (on the East!)
How I know? - Walk around listen to the street! - Nigga...


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